7 Confessions about you

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Friendship Dare 2021 : 7 confessions challenge!

7 confessions about you is a social game that helps you reminisce about your friendship with another person 🎉

When you sign-up, we create a link for you 🔗
This link contains 7 dare questions that your friends must answer to complete the dare 😊

Each question is personal and meaningful.

The questions will make you nostalgic about how you met, and help you understand each other better. In the last question, your friends can say whatever they want to say - it might be shocking or funny 🤣

In some sense - it is like a friendship challenge 💪 You ask your friends to look inside themselves and reveal their innermost thoughts.

It's not just a quiz, but also an emotional experience, where you can see how truly your friends think about you.

It is simple to send this dare:

  1. You enter your name above ( include any emoji you want 😁)
  2. We create a new friendship dare link for you 🔗
  3. Share the link to all the social media sites you want 📢
    Popular places are - Whatsapp Story, Instagram Bio, Snapchat, Facebook Story, TikTok Bio. Some people even share the link on quora😂
  4. Click the Check Dare Results button to see what your friends (and BFF) wrote.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT: take a screenshot of all the answers you received and post it on your favourite social media. Doing this will 10x the fun, trust us 😉

Don't wait, scroll up and let's start the experience 😎