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🔥 Friendship Challenge 2021: 7 Truths about you!

7 truths about you is a popular friendship challenge quiz game.

This is not the regular 'What's your favourite colour' kind of quiz. Friendship Challenge tells you how your friends see and judge you. It will tell you if they understand who you are, what makes them like or dislike about you.

When you sign-up, we create a special link for you.

The link contains 7 questions about you. Once you share the link, your friends must answer each question honestly to complete the dare.

Get ready for a nickname 😂 In the last question, your friends can give you a cool nickname.

Friendship challenge quiz for WhatsApp:

If you have most of your friends on WhatsApp, you can add the link to your story. Every one who sees the story must answer your frindship challenge.

If you want only special friends to recieve the challenge, send the link to your group or direct chat.

Friendship Challenge quiz for all social sites:

Do you feel all soical sites are geting boring? Share your link to these social sites and make them interesting again.

Crazy Idea: Send your link to your crush 💝 Let's find out waht they think about you. It is worth a shot 😂

It is simple to create you friendship challenge link-

  1. You enter your name above ( include any emoji you want 😁)
  2. We create a new friendship dare link for you 🔗
  3. Share the link to all the social media sites you want 📢
    Popular places are - Whatsapp Story, Instagram Bio, Snapchat, Facebook Story, TikTok Bio. Some people even share the link on quora 😂
  4. Click the Check Dare Results button to see what your friends (and BFF) wrote.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT: take a screenshot of all the answers you received and post it on your favourite social media. Doing this will 10x the fun, trust us 😉

Don't wait, scroll up and let's start the experience 😎